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I got my 2014 Toyota Corolla detailed by these guys here and I was literally in shock. My car felt brand new! Exterior and interior both were absolutely pristine! I didn't know my battery was corroding and they made me aware of that. They certainly went above and beyond my expectations...

On top of that, they had a cool workspace with Wi-Fi for me to run my business while I was waiting for my car to be cleaned. I dropped it off in the AM, worked until the early afternoon in their comfy workspace, and drove my car away when it was done. What a great day!

Don't go buy a new car! Get yours cleaned by these folks for a couple hundred bucks, and I guarantee you, it'll feel like you just bought a new car! Do yourself a favor and save yourself some money

Brock H.

We had one of our trucks detailed recently. My husband is a chainsaw carver, and well, a guy, so it can get quite messy. The Detail Den did an awesome job cleaning it up, both inside and out. Thank you for a job well done! Highly recommend, and will be back!

Janice H.

I had a full detail done on my 1995 Custom Jeep YJ and this crew over here at The Detail Den absolutely killed it! I would recommend them 10/10 if you want a clean rig!

Austin M.

10/10!! The crew at the Detail Den were so flexible and easy to work with. The attention to detail and efficiency was incredible. My car has never looked better after their exterior detailing. They went above and beyond to make my car look spotless. I would definitely recommend using this company to freshen up your car this Spring!

Christie G.

My car looked brand new when I picked it up and smelled so fresh and clean! I am a very detail oriented person, so I noticed right away how they even cleaned between the cracks and crevasses in small and hard to reach places! Very happy and pleased! Highly recommend!

Hannah M.

We had the interior detailed of one of our older cars and they did such a great job it looked practically brand new. Quick responsive service. I would highly recommend.

Jen K.

I'm so glad that I found these guys. They were able to get in 3 vehicles, next day, for exterior detailing. They were easy to work, friendly and did a great job. I love the outcome. I wish more businesses were like this one. I highly recommend them!

Mike B.

They did a wonderful job! Cleaned everything I could ask for in 4 hours. I will definitely use them again. The cleaners we very helpful and kind. Keep up the good work

Guenther N.

As a mom of four, you guys.. it's embarrassing how my car can get out of control in one trip to anywhere ? Not to mention, with the mess of Midwest winters... ughh! The team at The Detail Den was absolutely amazing! They transformed my 2016 Toyota Sienna to look like I just drove it home from the dealership! The attention to detail was so spot on! There wasn't a crumb in sight, not a single finger print or smudge on any windows or surfaces- hallelujah! Ohh, and no more annoying salt residue on the floor mats or in the carpet and y'all the fragrance! My van smelled incredibly fresh!!


Justin does a great job with detailing and even fixed my wobbly drivers seat! He has an excellent attention to details and we will use him with the fleet of cars we own.

Sue T.

Justin took great care of my car! Loved the service, will be back to get it cleaned this spring

Matt T.

Justin did a great job with my suburban inside and out!!!!!

Jeff B.